Frequently Asked Questions:
Please take some time to go through the items below for your benefit.

Q: Do I need the standard (10 Cubic Feet per Minute, 10CFM) fan or the big 50CFM fan?
A: Most BBQ’s and smokers use the 10CFM fan. People with 220 liter UDS’s are happy about it. Only if you have a very big (offset) smoker, the 50CFM fan is needed. NOTE: when using the 50CFM fan, the standard power transformer is not adequate, as it can deliver 1.0Amps whereas the 50CFM fan draws up to 2.0Amps. Contact us at info@qmaster-controller.eu to discuss the options.

Q: Do I always have to plug in both probes, even when I don’t need them both?
A: Yes, you do have to plug them both in. It was designed to have them both plugged in. Qmaster Senior will not behave the way you expect it to if they are not both plugged in. You can leave the probe you’re not using outside your cooker, but plugged in.

Q: Which settings are important?
A: The most important setting is UdC. It is the minimum output to the fan to make it start spinning. If it is set to too low a number, the fan will not spin up and can possibly burn through. As this setting is so important, we check it before shipping and set it for your fan correctly. There are currently two versions of the 10CFM fan, which need a UdC setting of 10 or 180 depending on which one you received. The 50CFM fan requires a UdC of around 70 to allow your Qmaster Senior to not have it blow at gale force all the time, while still making it spin up from standstill.
BE AWARE: if you do a reset on your Qmaster Senior, the factory setting of 100 will be used afterwards. If you have the 10CFM fan that needs the 180 setting, it will no longer spin up and BURN. Make sure to adjust the UdC setting first after a reset to prevent this from happening!

Q: What about HdC?
A: HdC controls the maximum airflow of your fan. How much air you need in your cooker depends on the size of your cooker and the thickness of it’s casing. A ceramic cooker has a thick insulating ceramic casing. Therefore you only need a relatively small fire and it doesn’t need much air to get that small fire. Using a 10CFM fan a setting of 88-90% is a good starting point for cookers about the size of a Big Green Egg Large (grill diameter 47cm). Bigger smokers that have thinner metal walls, should try a setting that is somewhat higher. Note: If your temperature is permanently too high, decrease your HdC setting. Most people with (220 liter) UDS’s that initially had 95% set, told us about this and decreased to about 88% and were fine then.

Q: What are the dimensions of the fan-adapter for a Ceramic cooker?
A: We have two sizes in stock normally. The standard one is 50mm wide and 80-81mm high and fits the Big Green Egg Large and some others like the Primo XL which supports 80-83mm.
The other adapter has a longer backplate of 105mm. Both backplates can be trimmed to fit your cooker, as the backplate is made out of a thinner metal sheet.

Q: Which sizes fan-adapters for smokers are available?
A: the most commonly used is the 1/2 size. It needs a 20mm hole in your smoker and comes with nuts and washers. Alternatively it can be used to connected directly to your 1/2 piping on an UDS for instance. The other one we have is a 3/4 size. It is usually fitted directly to piping and therefore comes without nuts and washers. The bigger diameter allows for easier flow of air, convenient for really big (offset) smokers in combination with our 50CFM fan.

Q: How should I set my vents?
A: There are two ends to every cooker. The inlet and the outlet. The inlet is now controlled by Qmaster Senior. Make sure you have no leaks, they make your pit temperature more unpredictable especially when it’s windy. As the wind blows over your outlet, your cooker tends to function as a chimney. Air is “pulled in”through the leaks. Particularly if you want to maintain low temperatures, with leaks present, there is not much Qmaster Senior can do to keep the temperature down.
For smoking, don’t close your outlet too much to avoid creosote from forming, making your food taste bitter. Smoke needs to go out. For the rest, set your outlet vent approximately like you would when controlling the temperature manually.

Q: What should I do when I need to baste or turn my meat?
A: Before doing these things, switch Qmaster Senior OFF. As you open your cooker, fresh air flows in. Two things happen:
1. Extra oxygen flows in, fueling your fire
2. The temperature drops because of the outside air flowing in and the hot air escaping.
If you leave the Qmaster Senior on it will detect the temperature dropping below target and start blowing resulting in even more oxygen. As a result your fire will heat up a lot and after you close the lid the temperature will overshoot.
So, switch Qmaster Senior OFF before opening, baste or turn your meat, close the lid as soon as you can and wait 5 minutes before switching Qmaster Senior back on. By then the temperature will stabilize and the overshot will be minimal.

Q: How long can I use the white TESE battery pack for?
A: The white battery pack will power Qmaster Senior with the 10CFM fan at full speed continuously for over six hours. When cooking low and slow, that will not be the case obviously. As Qmaster Senior intermittently blows some air in, usage times of over 12 hours are common.