To get an idea of how Qmaster Senior works, check out these videos available on Youtube (kudos to Javier M. who made them):

This next video shows how to modify your adapter for use with a Big Offset Smoker like the Oklahoma Joe:

I’ve recorded a timelapse video of new PID settings (P=250, I=0 and D=450) for ceramic cookers like the Big Green Egg Large or similar. I started the Egg and started the Qmaster Senior around 40°C. Target Pit temp was 105°C (about 225°F) and the overshoot form this startup was only 3°. Thereafter I increased the temp by 20° to see the new behavior. Pretty impressive!

New videos will be posted here on the following subjects:

  • Setting Udc before first use
  • Simple Cook Setup
  • Setting parameters in expanded menu’s
  • 4 stages Cook Setup
  • Timelapse of Cook
  • Making a waterproof box


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