10 Cubic Feet per Minute FAN


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The “10CFM” fan produces up to 10 cubic feet per minute of air, which is sufficient for all but the very biggest (offset) smokers.
Two knots are applied to the cable during production to prevent the wire being pulled out of the fan in case you accidentally trip or so.

Order your spare, replacement or extra Fan here. If you like you can use two Fans parallel to one another. You should not worry about two fans putting out too much air together, as the Qmaster Senior will sense the pit’s response to the fans blowing and adjust the amount and frequency of blowing in air… NOTE: If you are going to order a spare fan, please check the UdC setting when starting to use the new fan.

Check our new fan Plate-adapter for use with smokers or ceramic BBQs in combination with a free backplate


You can also use a 50 CFM Fan as an alternative for using more than one 10 CFM Fan. Additionally, you can program the Qmaster Senior to limit max air output to have the 50CFM fan mimic a smaller fan.

Check out the 50CFM Fan here:


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