50 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) Fan


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This Fan is for big (offset) smokers. Use it in combination with the universal adapter if you want to drill a hole for your own placement idea or if you have a non standard air inlet.

For smokers that have air inlets similar to the Weber Smokey Mountain, smaller than 100mm diameter the special WSM adapter can also be used. This way drilling is not necessary.


Please note that this is a powerful fan. It draws up to 2.0A, which is far more than the supplied power transformer was designed for. You will need a different power transformer or our Battery Pack. Please contact us on info@qmaster-controller.eu for advice before ordering one of the sets. We can offer you a €5 discount in case you decide to get a bigger transformer and don’t want the standard one. We currently do not offer those bigger power transformers (most guys prefer the battery pack), but can help you with info about what you need.


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