Meat Probe


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Order your spare or replacement meat probe here.

Both types of probes have the same high-heat woven cloth protection.*


When using the Meat Probe, be sure to insert it deeply (3/4 of the length of the probe) into the meat. If you don’t, part of the probe may sense the temperature of your pit and your meat will not be cooked as planned due to finishing the cook early. This is a potential health hazard!

Clean your probes using a mild soap solution, while not submerging the back end.

*Even though the probes are designed to withstand high heat, these are not temperatures the Qmaster Senior is designed to work with. Using them for Low and Slow cooking only, will greatly improve their lifespan.

Limited Warranty:

Be nice to your probes. The majority of broken probes we have seen were because they had been pulled out of the meat while holding the wire instead of the probe itself. We have been replacing those probes as a courtesy to our clients, but can not continue that way. Warranty on probes will be limited to 6 months as a result. Many of our customers have used the probes for over two years without any problems.


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