Qmaster Senior for Ceramic cooker (Big Green Egg, Kamado style)



This set is for use with ceramic cookers. It comes with a fan adapter that slides in to your air inlet slot as you can see below.

B adapter on Egg


The set consists of:

1 Qmaster Senior Controller

1 transformer 100-240V to 12VDC

1 Pit Probe**

1 Meat Probe**

1 Fan (10 cubic feet per minute)

1 Fan-adapter type B (ceramic cooker)


**Even though the pit probes are capable of withstanding high temperatures, they can be damaged. The Qmaster Senior is designed for “low and slow” type cooking (around 225°F or 105°C) and the probes will last if used for that purpose. Warranty on the probes is limited to 6 months as most failures are a result of pulling the probes out while holding the cable. Treat them well and they will last for years.



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