Battery Pack (TESE 6 Cell 17400mAh)


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Our TESE 6-cell battery is packed with power!

The six high quality Panasonic 18650 batteries of 2900mAh capacity each, add up to 17400mAh of total capacity. When using the 10CFM fan at full speed, it will supply power for over 9 hours. In real life the fan only boosts now and then during normal low and slow sessions, it will last for days…. One of our customers reported having done a low and slow session of ribs for six hours using the big 50CFM fan (using more power) and had 80% left afterwards…

This batterypack is recommended specifically in combination with the 50CFM fan, as that fan uses more power than the 10CFM fan. The 50CFM fan draws up to 2 Amps of power, too much for the standard 100-240V AC transformer that comes with most sets. Here’s a set with the 50CFM fan and this 6-cell pack in our shop.

The pack is ideal for use in the competition environment and if you don’t have a power outlet available, or don’t want to rely on one.

The pack has blue LEDs indicating the charge state of the pack as well as the output voltage that is user selectable through the button on the front. The switch on the side is used for the automatic switch-off feature; when selected “on”, the pack automatically switches off when little or no power is drawn. Leave it in “off” for use with Qmaster Senior, as the pack will otherwise switch off when the fan isn’t running… leaving your Qmaster Senior without power…

The pictures show the connections the pack has; two USB ports for charging portable devices, one port for recharging the pack, one for connecting to your Qmaster Senior.

Two white cables for charging and connecting to your Qmaster Senior are supplied. The Apple power transformer shown is not supplied of course…

The manuals can be downloaded in English and Dutch from our downloads page here.